Taken from the history of over 30 years of Gold City's ministry, this collection of hits will bring back old memories with a new feel. From the great tenor voice of Thomas Nalley, the smooth rich tones of Chris West , and the great blend of Chip Pullen and Daniel Riley, this CD brings a refreshing sound of the greatest quartet on the road today.
  1. We're Gonna Rise (from 1988’s Portrait)

  2. Windows Of Home (from 1990’s Windows of Home)

  3. How Deep Is The Water (from 1983’s I Think I’ll Read It Again)

  4. Heaven (from 2005’s Heaven)

  5. God Of All Gods (from 1994’s Renewed)

  6. Way Down Deep In My Soul (from 2005’s Heaven)

  7. My Hiding Place (from 2005’s Heaven)

  8. Holy Anointing from 1987’s Movin’ Up)

  9. I'm Never Alone (from 2005’s Heaven)

  10. Gettin' Ready To Leave (from 1982)

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